Winter Sports

        Winter sports is a wide term that covers a whole host of events. As far as this area of our sportsbook is concerned, the phrase relates to any traditional winter event that doesn’t have its own specific area. Essentially, we’re talking about the likes of ski jumping, downhill skiing, slalom, biathlon, bobsleigh, luge and cross country skiing. It’s a popular option for many of our customers at Unibet and there are more betting options here than you might expect. To back up the service, we have Unibet TV which is here to live stream world class winter sports action when the season gets underway.

              Winter Olympics

              The biggest showcase for all winter sports comes at the Winter Olympics. Like its summer counterpart, the games come around every four years and there’s a feast of action on the snow and ice. 

              The very first Winter Olympics were held in Chamonix, France in 1924 and the tournament ran in the same year as the summer games up until 1992. The 1994 event in Lillehammer followed before the Winter Olympics reverted to its four-year cycle.

              Among the many winter sports events on the schedule are ski jumping, downhill skiing, slalom, Nordic skiing, freestyle skiing and speed skating. Among the nations to watch in the games, six countries have won medals at every single edition of the Winter Olympics to date. Austria, Finland, Canada, Norway, Sweden and the United States are the teams in question and they are traditionally strong whenever the games come around.

              The Olympic Games heralds a busy time for our Winter Sports markets with interest intensifying right through the event. Comprehensive betting options will be in place and, there is the support of Unibet TV to live stream world class action to your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

              World Championships

              Because we are talking about a number of different sports, the world championships for each discipline are not focused on one single event. A number of the global tournaments are, however, annual affairs such as the IBSF World Championships for bobsleigh and skeleton. This competition takes place every year although they will sit out whenever the Winter Olympics is on the calendar.

              One of the most spectacular events is the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup which also takes place annually and will consistently feature the best jumpers from all over the world. It’s a relatively recent competition, having been first held in the 1979/80 season and the skill and bravery of the competitors makes this one of the most popular winter sports on the schedule.

              Outside of the Winter Olympics, one of the most important tournaments is the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. Within this competition we have a number of disciplines including downhill, slalom, giant slalom and the combined section which features both slalom and downhill skiing.

              First held in 1931, the Alpine World Ski Championships is held every two years and it forms another important part of our overall winter sports coverage. Those are some of the main events but there are many more to enjoy across the sporting year.

              Whatever your own personal favourite winter sport might be, Unibet will have it covered with a wide set of betting options. Don’t forget that Unibet TV is also here as part of the package with extensive live coverage of all the major global tournaments. 

              Other Major Winter Sports Events

              We’ve covered all of the major global events within the winter sports category but there are a number of other competitions to follow. Throughout the year we have national championships while, on a less regular basis, there are European championships to consider in a number of different categories.

              To find out exactly what’s going on at a specific point in time, just head to the Unibet sportsbook and click on the winter sports section. All the upcoming events will be listed clearly and you can check out the many pre-event and in play markets that are available.

              Betting on and Watching Live Winter Sports

              We’ve covered the main events as far as winter sports are concerned but what, exactly, can you bet on? Markets start with the obvious options of picking outright winners in each category. Whether it’s ski jumping, downhill skiing or one of the many events that come under the winter sports umbrella, there has to be a winner and there will be markets in place allowing customers to stake on their own selections. 

              There aren’t many obvious prop bets available for winter sporting events but there will certainly be a number of options in the live betting section of our sportsbook. In play bets will be published as soon as the event starts and will stay in place until the results are decided.

              The big events on the winter sporting schedule will also be picked up by Unibet TV and streamed to your device. There’s no subscription required and all that we ask is that you have funds in your sportsbook account. Alternatively, it is possible to view the feed if you have placed a cash bet within the previous 24 hours.

              Once that’s been taken care of, you can watch Unibet TV on desktop or laptop for the bigger screen experience while the stream can also be enjoyed on smartphones and tablets. The choice is yours but remember to keep it tuned to Unibet for the best betting experience and a host of live winter sports events.