Motor Sports

        From the very early days of car manufacturing, the notion of racing two machines against each other has been in place. Throughout the 20th century, the better drivers found the need for organised events and a chance to earn a living from their favourite pastime. Over those years, motorsport has developed to become an important part of the overall sporting calendar with several disciplines in place for both cars and bikes. Millions of viewers are attracted to the big events and their viewing potential is boosted by the presence of Unibet TV which live streams motorsport to our customers. Along with a comprehensive set of betting markets, we offer a great overall racing package and here’s what you can look forward to.

              The Formula One Scene

              The pinnacle of motorsport as far as most fans and bettors are concerned is Formula One. This is where the fastest and most intricately designed machines lie, with high octane performance expected over the course of a long season.

              The F1 circuit was born in 1946 and it came on the back of earlier success for the European Grand Prix events. In the 70 years that have followed, the list of F1 Drivers’ Champions features some of the greatest names in Motorsport. Juan Manuel Fangio, Jack Brabham, Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Niki Lauda and Jim Clark are just a few of the many brilliant drivers to have taken the crown.

              In the present day, Lewis Hamilton is in pole position to overtake Michael Schumacher’s record for the most World Titles. The Formula One season traditionally runs from March to December so there’s a lot of racing to get through. This is when our motorsport markets are at their busiest and Unibet TV is heavily relied upon to provide some top class live streaming.

              More Fun on Four Wheels

              Formula One may be the pinnacle of motorsport as far as fans are concerned but there is more racing action to cover. In the United States, there is a choice of disciplines with many supporters getting behind NASCAR. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing came along in 1948 and has been a thrilling addition to the motor racing calendar.

              Others in the US will prefer IndyCar which focuses more on sheer speed, without the stock car element that NASCAR provides. For tests of endurance, the Le Mans 24 hour race is tough to beat while motorsport also offers the thrills of the World Rally Championship.

              One of the more recent introductions to the calendar is Formula E where cars carrying similar designs to F1 are powered by pure electricity. It’s incredible to watch the drivers race around without the same noise levels as Formula One and Formula E’s presence underlines just how diverse modern motor racing has become.

              Two Wheel Thrills

              Motorcycle racing has its equivalent to Formula One in the shape of the MotoGP. Like its four-wheeled counterpart, this event has a long history which, in this case, dates back to the inaugural season in 1949.

              The current format features a lengthy season that contains 19 races so, once again, we have a lot of racing to cover. The current crop of riders are looking to emulate heroes such as the great Valentino Rossi who currently has no fewer than seven world titles to his name.

              Motorcycle racing adds a rich element to our overall sportsbook but what can you stake on and, how do you access all of the live action provided by Unibet TV?

              Betting on and Watching Live Motorsport

              We’ll focus on formula one for a moment as this competition tends to carry the widest range of betting markets. Here, there are two outright options and, as well as staking on the Driver’s Champion, customers can also consider a bet in the Constructors Championship.

              Those two markets will fluctuate as the season progresses while race betting commences as soon as the campaign gets underway. As well as the overall race winner, you could look to get involved with a host of prop bets including fastest lap and fastest qualifier.

              While the Formula One scene tends to dominate our motorsport betting platform, a similar list of markets exists for other races. Whether it’s Formula E, NASCAR, IndyCar or the MotoGP, you can find outright markets, race winner betting and a host of additional props across all of those options.

              If you like to watch your bet play out in real time or you just like to take in some top class motor racing, you can catch all of the big events via Unibet TV. The live stream is available to all Unibet customers, subject to some very basic requirements. If you have funds in your account then you are able to access the feed or, alternatively, you will need to have placed a cash bet within the preceding 24 hours.

              The stream is also flexible in terms of where you can watch. You may prefer the bigger screen experience and the comfort of watching all the action play out on your desktop or laptop. Alternatively, if you are out and about or simply want to quickly log on to watch the feed, Unibet TV is available across all mobile devices.

              As long as you are connected, you can log on and catch the best of the motorsport action thanks to extensive coverage from our live streaming service.