This is one of the biggest growing areas of our sportsbook but it’s not a new concept. Professional video gaming has been around for a lot longer than many realise and, in the modern era, eSports is big business.


              Millions of dollars are put up in prize money for the best players and there are leagues and competitions all over the world. To support the eSports betting community, Unibet have extensive betting markets while Unibet TV stands by to live stream the best of the action to our customers.

              The first pro eSports leagues were set up in the 1990s while further growth followed at the start of the new century. In the year 2000, the World Cyber Games were established and, three years later, we saw the first edition of the Electronic Sports League.

              Sports betting companies gradually found a demand for markets as the competition started to get serious. Since those early times, eSports has evolved steadily but what can we look for in the present day?

              The Big Leagues

              ESports betting at Unibet covers some of the most well known video games on the market. These titles can be bought at any store and the majority of these releases will be very familiar to the casual gamer. Among the more popular options on our book are DOTA 2 (Defence of the Ancients) and League of Legends. They certainly aren’t the only eSports games on the list but they are among the most active so this is a good place to start.

              DOTA 2 is a big draw for eSports players and some exceptional prize money is put up for the major tournaments. Valve are the game’s developers and they are also responsible for organising the main DOTA 2 events. Firstly, there is a series of qualifiers called the DOTA Pro Circuit. Players do battle in this series with the aim of progressing to the biggest stage and a competition known as The International.

              The International is the World Cup for DOTA 2 players: It’s been held since 2009 and, in the present day, a prize purse of some $30 million is on the line. Those are exceptional figures and they underline just how seriously eSports is taken by competitors and those who support it.

              League of Legends is frequently referred to by its acronym LOL and it forms another busy part of our eSports betting platform. Europe enjoys extensive LOL action which centres around the League of Legends European Championship. Once again, there is a global tournament to aim for and this is the World Championship. This competition is held every year and, in 2019, over 100 million people watched the action over five and a half weeks. Those impressive numbers highlight just how popular eSports is for the viewing public and it’s why Unibet TV strives to produce extensive live streamed coverage of all the big events.

              Also on the Schedules

              Many of our eSports bettors will focus on DOTA 2 and League of Legends but the options certainly don’t stop there. Included in the list of games featured on our eSports platform are Call of Duty, Overwatch, Starcraft 2, FIFA, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

              All five of those games have a loyal following with CS:GO another title to enjoy an extensive set of lucrative competitions for pro gamers. Originally released in 2012, this is a first person shooter game which features a series of big tournaments known as the Majors. 24 teams do battle all over the world and, once again, Unibet TV is there to pick up the best of the live action.

              ESports Markets

              Betting on eSports isn’t just about the result, although this remains as the most popular option for many of our customers. Some titles involve winning stages on the way to the overall victory and it’s possible to speculate on these stages as the match develops.

              Other prop bets are available including total rounds for certain titles while a choice of handicap markets can also be in place. Like all traditional sports, there is much to consider and it could be the case that the better betting value lies away from that match result.

              How to Tune in

              If you’re a regular eSports viewer or, if you’ve read this review and would like to get involved, Unibet has you covered. Along with that wide set of betting options we have our live stream via Unibet TV and it’s very easy to access.

              You will need to be a Unibet customer so, if you aren’t already with us just complete a swift, simple and secure registration. Once that’s complete, add some funds to your account and a world of live eSports coverage is at your fingertips.

              Unibet TV is a cross-platform service so you can watch via a desktop PC, a laptop or any mobile device. Wherever there is WiFi, the live stream is on hand to cover the biggest leagues and competitions from around the globe. 

              Like most traditional sports, eSports also offers the possibility to bet in-play once the match has begun. If betting on the live markets, a mobile phone may be your biggest ally and it’s useful to know that updates in play odds as the match develops. In short, it’s a comprehensive and flexible package designed to enhance your eSports experience whether you're placing a bet or simply watching the action unfold.