Europeans love their basketball and, when attention isn’t focused on the NBA, there are a number of top class leagues across the mainland to enjoy. It’s a popular sport for fans and also for the betting community who like to consider a wide set of markets for each available match. Unibet recognises the global interest in the game and, along with a host of betting opportunities, the presence of Unibet TV offers live streaming for the top basketball clashes.

              The Big One

              Every basketball fan will acknowledge that the National Basketball Association, (NBA), is by far the biggest league in the world. Based in North America, this is where the best teams and the greatest players can be found. The division was originally set up as the Basketball Association of America (BAA) in 1946 and from there, it developed into the biggest league in the sport.

              In the present day, there are 30 teams who compete across a gruelling season. 29 of those sides are based in the USA with Canada’s Toronto Raptors joining in to complete the set. Few sports can claim to have such a packed calendar as the NBA’s basketball schedule. In the regular season, each of those 30 teams will play no fewer than 82 games in their respective divisions. Once that campaign is complete, the best performing sides will progress to the playoffs and, eventually, the final.

              Fitness is just as important as form during the NBA season and that’s something that basketball bettors have to keep in mind when they consider the markets. 

              In the outright betting, it also pays to look at history for some indicators. The Boston Celtics are the most successful team in the history of the NBA while Canada’s Toronto Raptors claimed their first ever title in 2019. There are many options on the sportsbook and Unibet are on hand with competitive odds and a live streaming service where hoops fans can stay in touch with the best of the NBA action.

              Europe’s Finest

              In Europe, the biggest basketball division is the EuroLeague which was established at the start of the 2000/01 season. Organised basketball predates this division but the need for an improved elite competition was recognised and EuroLeague stepped in at the start of a new century. Previous competitions had been organised under the FIBA umbrella and top flight basketball in Europe can be traced back to 1958.

              In the present day, the EuroLeague consists of 18 teams and included on the list are two of the giants of the sport. Taking into account the results dating back to 1958, Real Madrid are the most successful team in the history of top flight European basketball with 10 titles. In 2019, CSKA Moscow completed their eighth victory and those two sides have dominated the EuroLeague in recent years.

              There are lots of challenges from the chasing pack and those 18 teams include sides from Germany, Israel, Turkey, Spain, Italy and more. It’s an intense competition and Unibet are alongside with those active sports betting markets and extensive live streamed coverage.

              International Targets

              International basketball is played throughout the world and the main focus is on the summer Olympics. It’s been a full medal sport since 1936 but, since the end of the amateur era, the game has attracted a wider audience.

              It’s no great surprise to see that the United States of America has dominated Olympic men’s basketball over the years. They haven’t enjoyed a complete monopoly but since 1992 they have won six of the seven gold medals that have been contested. The solitary upset came in 2004 in Athens when Argentina produced a major shock in claiming gold. 

              Women’s basketball shows a similar pattern and, while the Soviet Union won the inaugural competition in 1976, the US have been dominant since. The outright gold medal markets may not produce too many surprises but they remain popular for our customers, as do the prop bets that are included for each match.

              Total points and handicap options are among the most popular and, of course, bettors can speculate on the winner of each match. The summer Olympics marks one of our busiest times for all included sports and basketball is no exception. TV coverage is available but, for extensive and more flexible viewing, keep it tuned to

              How to Tune In

              There is no subscription required to view Unibet TV. All we ask is that you are a customer and that you have met a simple requirement. If you’re not already with us, complete a very swift registration form and make sure you are logged in. Add funds to that account or, be certain to have placed a cash bet on our sportsbook within the previous 24 hours and you can then view the action.

              Unibet TV is available across all devices so you only need to have an internet connection to gain access. Desktops and laptops are easily connected while at home but, for ultimate flexibility, a mobile phone or tablet is the better choice.

              That list of basketball markets extends for all of the big games in the NBA and beyond. In play betting is also available and the live stream updates odds as the game progresses. It’s a comprehensive and flexible service and, whether you are an enthusiastic basketball bettor or just a fan, Unibet TV can add a whole new dimension to your enjoyment of the sport.