Early games of baseball can be traced back to the 1700s, making this one of the oldest sports in the world. It’s popular across the globe and, while there is something of a focus on one professional league, there are top class competitions taking place on most continents.

              Major League Baseball

              Whether your focus is on Major League Baseball (MLB) or any of the other pro divisions currently in place, Unibet will have a vast selection of betting options to match your needs. Backing up that list of markets is Unibet TV which is on hand to live stream top flight baseball from across the world.

              While it’s not all about a single division, there really is only one place to start. Major League Baseball is the pinnacle of the sport with the best teams in North America taking part and aiming to claim the World Series. It’s something of an ironic name considering that the World Series is restricted to teams from the United States and Canada but these are the best sides on the planet so perhaps it’s fair enough.

              Top flight baseball has been established in North America since 1876 with the MLB coming along later in 1903. It’s since developed into a division containing 30 teams from both sides of the border and it forms an important part of our sportsbook and live streaming package.

              Current MLB Format

              Like most top flight leagues in the US and Canada, the MLB provides a lot of baseball across the season. The 30 sides currently involved are divided into two leagues - the American League and the National League. Within that system, each league has three divisions - east, central and west - with five teams allocated in all six sections.

              During the regular season, each side plays 162 games and the best performing teams make it through to the playoffs. Eventually, the World Series begins and this is played on a best of seven basis. Finally we have our champions and the outright markets will shortly be reset to show odds for the next campaign.

              The season traditionally runs from March to October and there are many hundreds of games from start to finish. From the first pitch to the deciding play, Unibet are here with a host of betting options to choose from, together with the back up from our live streaming service which catches all the drama from the MLB.

              Other Professional Baseball Competitions

              It’s not all about Major League Baseball and there are professional divisions all over the world. The sport is especially popular in Japan where Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), is the top level competition within the country.

              The NPB was founded in 1950 and the format currently takes in the best 12 baseball sides from across Japan. Top teams to look out for in the division include recent champions Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks and the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles.

              South Korea is another country that embraces baseball with the KBO League the focal point for the best professional sides. Founded more recently in 1982, the KBO features 10 teams and it follows a similar pattern to the MLB with a long regular season followed by a set of playoffs known as the Korean Series.

              Keep checking the baseball area of our sportsbook for the latest available markets beyond the MLB. Remember too that Unibet TV looks to pick up the best baseball action from around the world with a live stream to your connected devices. The main focus for fans and the wider betting community is firmly on Major League Baseball but the sport is global and it’s enjoyed in other key areas too.

              Betting on and Watching Live Baseball

              As we mentioned above, Unibet TV can be enjoyed on any of your devices and it’s all down to your preference. If you like the bigger screen experience, desktop PCs or laptops can pick up the feed but, if you need greater flexibility, the live stream is available via smartphone or tablet.

              You don’t need a subscription to watch Unibet TV and we have some very simple requirements. Naturally you must be a Unibet customer so please log in to your account or complete an easy and secure sign up if you’ve yet to join.

              Once on board, be sure to have funds in the account or, you will need to have placed a cash bet within 24 hours of watching the live stream. You don’t even have to bet on the match that you want to watch and, as long as you’ve met one or both of those simple requests, a host of world class baseball is available throughout the year.

              Betting markets are extensive and for many, they will start with the outright winners of the tournament in question. Moneyline picks on the match result will be published through regular and post season and there will be a host of prop bets too including total points and winning margin.

              Baseball games are lengthy affairs and this is, therefore, a sport that offers great options in the live markets. If you are looking to take an in play bet, remember that Unibet TV has an added bonus with live odds updated as the game progresses. You can therefore enjoy the action and make an informed decision as to whether to stake in play.